Thursday, January 17, 2008


I've figured it out!

I don't smell like a muffin... I smell like a banana popsicle. Since wearing this moisturizer, I've been having daily flashbacks to summer camp and our heavily-anticipated snack time. You know, reeking of a summer treat is not as fun as you would think. I keep expecting to be followed around by bees. BEES!

Related, maybe: Apparently my sugar sensitivity is nothing to fuck around with. I have been avoiding processed sugar, as usual, but caved last night to a homemade chocolate something something bar. Two bites in, and my tongue was bleeding. Gross! And weird! And painful! I have to research this a bit more, because sometimes I'm going to need a chocolate snack. It's just a matter of figuring out which snacks have crazy processed sugar, and which ones don't. Damnit. In my own baking, I only use organic cane sugar, so I could always just make myself a batch of brownies and stick to it.

I have rehearsal tonight, and if I can get myself organized, I will hopefully be practicing a re-vamped version of some nasty pop tune. The anticipation is killing me.


XUP said...

Have some nice, dark, organic, free-trade chocolate... chocolatey goodness without all the baked-goods calories.

Your tongue actually bleeds from sugar?? Cool.

Andrea SK said...

Cool? Noooo no no, bleeding tongue = badness. Pain and hurt.

But yes, I will buy myself some organic chocolate. Fair trade. :)