Friday, January 18, 2008


I have singed up for drum lessons.

My new teacher has some serious RAWK HAIR, or at least that's what it looks like from his picture. Like he's caught a bad case of the metal. I won't start until the end of the month, but hot damn, I'm excited. I WANT TO LEARN LATIN BEATS!!! Whoah, sorry, that voice just popped in out of nowhere. Bring on the drums. AND THE LATIN BEATS!!! Do you think a metal rocker would teach a wee banjo player some sweet latin rhythms? I sure hope so. Because I can salsa like a motherfucker.*

I may cut my hair off.

Yes, no. Yes, no. I can't decide. I like the long hair, but being as thick and tangly as it is, a shorter style is tempting. Also, my hair grows like a weed. So if I cut it off and want it back, it will take less than a year to grow it back out again. Decisions!

We chose a cover song. It is brilliant. It may use the number 4 instead of "for" and the letter U instead of "you." HINT.

*Holy potty mouth, Batman.


La Canadienne said...

Def go for the short hair. I did this a couple months ago and I'm so happy I did. Granted, my hair is pretty short (like, pixie) but any shorter hair style is good.
Sorry. I am a huge fan of short hair. And I'm nuts.

Andrea SK said...

Don't apologize! Feedback is good. I think I'll chop it off at my next hair appointment.

Lesley Hoyles said...

Um, you totally stole my cheezy pop cover! It's okay, we can share :) But for the record, I did it first!

Tiana said...

Drum lessons are so much fun! I quit when I got pregnant because I was feeling sick all the time and didn't want to practice and was falling behind. Now that I'm feeling better I think I'll at least catch up on what I should know already at home.

Where are you taking your lessons?

Andrea SK said...

Lesley: Weird! Great minds think alike... And at least this is a song I LOVE instead of a song I HATE! We'll have to play it together sometime. We can plan a whole gig around it. And we'll wear assless chaps.

Tiana: You should totally be a rockin' drummer mom! That sounds hot just typing it out. I am taking them through the OFC, because they have always treated me so well.

Anonymous said...

Three words for the hair:



Andrea SK said...

Like, the half-head shave I did back in high school? And dying the short part green again?

Anonymous said...

I do remember the green shave. Or you could go super retro and shave swear words and mickey mouse heads into the back of your scalp!