Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little Soup, Little Sleep

A little soup and a little sleep will do wonders. I am finally feeling good enough to blog. You know you're sick when blogging seems like a momentous endeavor.

Hum. But what to blog about? Thinking back over the week, I'm not sure I have much to report. Being sick has wiped my brain of anything remotely amusing or exciting, although I was drunk enough last night to eat blue cheese smeared on a piece of celery. That's pretty wild and crazy... For my tummy, at least.

Life Organic, my organic food delivery service people, have been on vacation for the past few weeks. I thought I would be fine, but holy shit, do I ever waste a lot of money when I'm not having that box of groceries dropped on my step every week! I am going through drastic produce withdrawal, and I have been eating a really sketchy array of food since the deliveries stopped. Not only does Life Organic save me money, but I eat a whole lot better when they do the choosing for me. I find that when I'm in a grocery store, I'm limited by my cooking routines, but also by the shitty produce these big box stores tend to have. Who wants a nice fresh salad when the lettuce looks like it's just come down from an acid trip? And who wants broccoli when it goes bad within three minutes of getting it home? Gross.

I am literally counting down the days until they start brining me bunches of red chard and cabbage again. I'll even take the garlic scapes at this point.* Hell, I'll even take the white radishes! And I haven't the faintest I idea what to do with them!

Also: I was applying for my loan today, and the woman on the phone knew all about bulldogs. We talked for twenty minutes about breeding, rescue dogs and puppy care before we remembered that she was at work and I needed money.

*When double-checking the spelling for garlic scapes, I came across this fabulous recipe. Now I know what to make next summer when I'm lost for ideas.


Jessica said...

Wow, the garilc scape pesto sounds delightful! I've been on a mad frenzy lately when it comes to homemade pesto. You've brightened my day! Happy Sunday!

Andrea SK said...

Happy Sunday Jessica! Boo, it's almost done.