Sunday, February 17, 2008


It's been a lucky weekend for gigs.

The Black Sheep show went swimmingly, and I even got to play with the world's cutest French bulldog, Wilbur, before my sound check. Wilbur did headbutt me at one point, but it was an obvious display of affection because he proceeded to grin at me while he wagged his little bulldog ass. I turned to my mom, who was watching the whole exchange, and whined: "I want one nooooooooow!" Not my proudest moment, but I do lose my mind a bit around those dogs.

Behold, Wilbur's ass:

Rasputin's was like a homecoming, as always, and I have been humming Shawna's songs all morning. So many sweet people came out for that show, and I didn't even say "fuck" once. I did utter something rude when I messed up my dance steps to a Prince cover, but dancing on that wee stage is a challenge anyway (Zoom noticed my dancing problems, but that's okay, because I did giggle at her mid-way through a song). Brian wins for best line of the night, when he put a slick hat on over his freshly-shaved head, and declared: "I like this hat. It gives me a haircut."

Behold, Brian and his haircut:

Despite all the fun, it has been a late couple of nights too. I didn't get home until 2am on Friday, and last night I was up until about 1am futzing about after the gig. I feel a bit like a zombie, which is bad news, because I need to keep healthy so I don't get sick before the big CBC show.

My very first drum lesson is this Tuesday. It was supposed to be a few weeks ago, but due to some not-so-awesome scheduling problems, it got pushed back. I am a little too excited for the lesson, so I'm trying to distract myself with French toast and CD reorganization. So far it is not working. I want to play me some drums!

I have big plans for laundry today, and if time allows, I'll try my hand at making baba ganouj. Nothing spells Sunday like roasted eggplant and nice clean jeans.


zoom said...

Actually I thought the dancing was totally adorable. ;)

Milan said...

The gigs sound like they were a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the Friday one was too far afield for the carless on a day with enough ice to make biking potentially fatal. Saturday, I had pre-existing plans.

I will keep an eye on the blog for future opportunities.

Andrea SK said...

Zoom: Shucks, I shoulda pulled you up there with me.

Milan: I play shows all year round, and I always mention them here. No worries.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Zoomster -- the whole thing was a lot of fun. You have a magical stage presence.

Shannon said...

Hi, I'm just wondering if you are planning any shows in the Toronto area anytime soon?

Andrea SK said...

Shannon: I'm hoping to set up a gig in Toronto before the summer hits. I'll post about it the minute it's confirmed!

stegan said...

When is the CBC gig, and will it be available over tha interwebs to those of us unlucky enough to live in the states?

My name is Andrea. said...

Stegan, the gig is March 7, and I'm not sure whether it will be broadcast on the interwebs... But I will look into that and let you know. Fo sho.