Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll Spend Money If You Behave

I realise working in retail can be tough (after all, I did it for seven years), but I don't understand why I always get such crappy service from Long and McQuade.

I have spent a lot of money there. I bought my banjo there, I get my instruments repaired there, and I re-stock a lot of my gear there. But without fail, I get consistently shite service from their staff - either by being ignored when I'm standing right at the cash, obviously in need of help, or over the phone when I am looking for something straightforward. I get treated like I am inconveniencing them for showing up to spend money. Really logical, dudes. Nevermind the fact that there are never any women working there*, although that's hardly a problem that only Long and McQuade suffers from (hello, every music store in Ottawa!). I am tired of getting attitude from boys in rock bands who can't wrap their heads around customer service.

Only two people keep me coming back, and they share the same names. Terry in repairs, and Terrence on the floor. They know their shit. They give me great service. But Lord help you if they aren't working the day you pop in.

I've been wanting to complain to a manager for a while about this, but to tell the truth, the awful service is so vague and ingrained in the culture there that I have a tough time narrowing down what I want to say. It's not like someone told me to fuck off. They just ignore me, give rude answers, or talk like they know more about my instrument than I do. They make me not want to spend another dime in their store. They make me want to become that terrible mouthy customer I always hated.

Eventually, it will catch up to them. Hopefully they get it together before their clients move to friendlier pastures.

*Except when they first opened, but that was years ago and she's gone now. She knew her stuff too.


zoom said...

Excellent post. I hope they see it.

Jessica said...

I feel like you're channeling my boyfriend and one of his rants about Long and McQuade. I've been on the receiving end of quite a few of them in our six years together! Yours lacks the abundance of F-bombs he usually drops during such conversations.

Andrea SK said...

Zoom: Gracias. I hope so too.

Jessica: I was being good. But having spoken to me many a time, you know what I would really sound like if I were ranting...

Anonymous said...

"This guitar is an extension of my penis!!"


It's like walking into a doctor's office and not trusting the person giving you critical medical advice.

Where are the good music stores??