Monday, February 11, 2008

Flower Pot

I think my eyes are starting to die.

I'm the only person in my family who doesn't wear glasses, and it's always been an odd source of pride for me. But now, my right eye is consistently "tired" feeling. And things are fuzzy if I close my left eye. They've been fine for so long, I've never even been to an eye doctor.

Balls. I don't want my eyesight to go all wacky. Things definitely changed when I was in university though, what with all that reading and typing and reading. Baaaalls. It must have been that environmental ethics class. All those little words...

I have been researching bulldog breeders all weekend. It's surprisingly hard to find one who is having puppies when I need them. But oh, the pictures... It's like having a puppy heart attack of love every time I see those little chubby faces. My Better Half and I have still not decided on a name, but when we go for walks we experimentally yell out names down the street to see what we like.





"Flower Pot!"

We have a list of about forty names, so our walks get longer and longer.

I am starting to get bogged down with Ottawa wintering. I'm looking into making an escape to Toronto or Montreal for a weekend. It's nothing that a bit of visiting and shopping can't fix. And I've always wanted to take a train, having only tried out the trains in India. I hear the Canadian trains have toilets! Fricking awesome.


Laura said...

Flower it!!!!

I am also getting the winter blues.

Love hearing all about your gig news and events. Way cool!

La Canadienne said...

*shakes head sadly at flower pot*

XUP said...

Don't get too excited about the VIA rail toilets...

Also, get ready for some fun times in Surrealtown when you start dealing with puppy breeders.

Also, I think you'd look super-hot in specs

Lesley Hoyles said...

You can just go the route that we did, and give your puppy a gazillion names! Our cats' full names: Mylo Blue Polo Monster Dust, and Sparrow Pistachio Potato Robot Fluff. That used up about half of the names on our list!


Andrea SK said...

Laura and LC: One for Flower Pot, one against. Noted.

XUP: I wrote a breeder last night and crafted a nice long e-mail about his dogs, and whether he would have any in the spring, specifically. His answer was exactly this:


Which, really, is not what I asked. This will be a loooong expensive process.

Lesley: Brilliant! I don't know why that hadn't crossed my mind. There are so many good names, and so few bulldog puppies.

Jessica said...

Ludwig all the way!

zoom said...

I love that you're calling the names out while on your dogless walks. You're crazy, ya know that?

Andrea SK said...

One for Ludwig. Noted.

Zoom, I know I'm crazy! I'm totally nuts! Good thing my BH is equally as nutty, or there would be problems.