Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One More Hour

A few weeks ago, I started coming into work an hour later than usual. I had been feeling like crap every morning, dragging myself out of bed, barely able to function. By the time I got on a bus, I'd be waking up, slowly.

That extra hour of sleep? It has changed me. I am not cranky. I am not nearly as rushed. And despite having to leave work an hour later, I am very happy with my new schedule. Who knew an hour could make such a difference?

My new banjo pickup has arrived. It's teeny tiny (although it arrived in a massive box?), and I hope it works better than the last one. I'll say one thing about guitars: they aren't as finnicky as some other stringed instruments. Like, oh, say, my beloved banjo. Or my mandolin. Or my banjo-uke.

I've been reading my new copy of Gluten-Free Girl, written by blogger Shauna James Ahern, before bed most nights. Although I don't have Celiac, I really identify with Shauna's struggles with food. Stringed instruments may be finnicky, but they've got nothing on digestive systems. It's inspiring to read about her adventures with food. More than anything, though, it makes me long for summer. I'd like to take full advantage of fresh pesto and garden veggies while I can. I'll fill my freezer for the winter months. I swear I will.

I'm starting to realize that this month will be a blur of rehearsals, and not much else. But then, hey! It'll be March! I'll be kissing winter goodbye before I know it. I'll give it a big loud one on the cheek, just to make a point.


Evey said...

My pissy librarian almost had a heart attack reading that over my shoulder. I was laughing pretty loudly.

Andrea SK said...

Good thing I wasn't in one of my swear-y moods. She could have been spying on one of my "motherfucker" posts! Heaven forbid!