Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Numero Uno

Eek! I had my first drum lesson tonight.

I was amused to discover that my 'rawk hair' teacher, who seems like a great guy, assumed I couldn't read music because I play guitar. "You know what they say about guitar players, right?" he asked, cocking one eyebrow, all in-the-know styles. "They are sexy mofos?" I thought to myself. Instead, I said "They are wicked awesome?" He gave me a look that said, no, not wicked awesome, but possibly musically stunted.

So he opened up a grade three music book and asked me if I knew what a quarter note was. I almost snorted all bitchy-like, but I decided not to be a dink. Yes, I knew what a quarter note was. "Do you know what an eighth note is?" he persisted. I turned, smiled as sweetly as I could, and said, "I have one tattooed on my shoulder." (This is true) "Okay, what about a triplet?" he said. "I love triplets! They are my favourite rhythmic pattern!" I exclaimed. (This is also true) "If you really loved them, you would have one tattooed on your other shoulder," he said. One point for my drum teacher.

I redeemed myself after I played through his entire music book in the first ten minutes of my lesson. He seemed relieved, and I realized that he must spend most of his time explaining quarter notes to pre-pubescent rock boys. "It will get less boring soon," he assured me. Boring my ass... My homework is to hit stuff with sticks!

Drum lessons will be fun. I have to buy a drum pad, but someday I'll graduate to using a real kit. And then? My bitchy neighbour will have some choice words for me, I'll tell you that much.


Laura said...

So glad you enjoyed it...cannot wait to hear you hit things with sticks on stage!

La Canadienne said...

Start playing your music really loud to get them ready for it.