Monday, February 25, 2008

Molto Stupido

This weekend turned out not to be the greatest in the history of weekends, and I'm actually relieved that it's Monday. You read that correctly: I'm glad it's Monday.

It's not like the entire weekend was a bust... It was just bad a mix of low-level anxiety with moments of chest-exploding sadness. Cheery, huh? Woo, Monday! Bring on the work week!

If I were to focus on the good stuff, I would say that getting drunk with two gay men and a hyperactive dog was greatly entertaining (especially when the dog has a talent for stepping directly on people's nads. It's funnier when it's not happening to you). I might also say that my banjo is now equipped with a brand new pickup, one that seems to work, and one that I will hopefully never have to replace again. Of course, the whole procedure cost me about $450, what with the cost of the pickup, the installation, and the nifty preamp I bought as insurance against bad sound systems. For those of you who like to do math, that means that because I already spent $300 on my last pickup, I have now spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS on goddamn banjo pickups this year. You know what? I'm not going to talk about it anymore, because those numbers hurt my heart. And it just occurred to me that a good number of people reading this blog may not even know what a banjo pickup is, because really, nobody teaches that stuff in school, and even fewer people care (it's the thing that lets me plug in my banjo so that I don't have to glue myself to a microphone when I'm playing live. Just so's ya know).


So the weekend is over, and I'm starting to fantasize about summer and all the things that summer brings. It's not even the cold at this point. I just want to have a little more sun in my day. I'd like to wear lighter clothes. I'd like my Better Half to have a break from full time classes. I want to move into a new house (surprise! we're moving!).

For now, though, I am very happy that February is coming to a close. I am loving my rehearsals with the band, and I am happy to be learning a new instrument, even if my teacher thinks I am molto stupido. I'll build on those good things until spring magically appears and I can take my sweetheart to Montreal for some much-needed down time.


XUP said...

There are an amazingly huge amount of sad people around these days. I hope with the advent of spring everyone will find new and exciting things to be happy about.

zoom said...

I'm thinking you just need a puppy. In the meantime, Duncan is sending a big hug your way.

And thank you for explaining what a pickup is. I'd heard of them, but I never realized I didn't know what they were until today. :)

La Canadienne said...

I will be sad when you move away from me! Unfortunately, I will come to visit you lots. You're going to have to deal with that.

Andrea... said...

XUP: I think Zoom is right. It's my lack of puppy that's making me blue.

Zoom: I think you are right (see above). And I'm glad to have clarified the pickup issue for you. It didn't occur to me that I was talking in music code until I typed out the last entry.

LC: I can deal. Especially since you seem to inspire me to make muffins. This is most excellent.