Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I uncover the most amazing things when I sort through old stacks of paper. My favourite finds so far:

- All the t4s I was sure I had lost.

- Gift certificates!!!

- A cheque for all the cds I've sold off my web site... In an envelope I hadn't opened yet. I was ready to write a snarky letter to the company who runs my shopping cart asking where my cash was. For shame!

My third drum lesson went super well, even though I still suck hardcore and hand foot coordination. I finished the lesson on a very predictable note when my cell phone started vibrating in my pocket mid-drum roll. "I'm sorry," I said, stopping. "My goddamn vibrator is going off. I MEAN MY CELL PHONE."


Thank God my teacher had the sense of humour to say, "My vibrator never distracts me when it goes off in my pocket."

Rock on, teacher with heavy metal hair! I was starting to worry that he wasn't capable of kidding around. Every time I would say something funny, he'd twirl his drum stick like a baton and look off into the distance. Awkward.

Work is stressing me out this week, and I'll be happy when Friday comes along. Come on Friday! I'm ready for ya!

By the way, it turns out that Sounds Unlikely is selling tickets for this Friday's show. Feel free to stop in if you didn't have a chance to order off the site.


A. & J. said...

you have such a good sense of humor. I'd probably be so shocked and then laugh if you ever said something like that to me.

Milan (www.sindark.com) said...

Along with a friend who is visiting from Vancouver, I will be coming to the show on Friday.

Hopefully, we will see you there.

Andrea... said...

A&J: Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Milan: See you there!