Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Hell of a Weekend

It has been one hell of a full weekend, but it's too late at night to launch into stories now. My Better Half is already sleeping beside me, and it's only a matter of time before he starts chatting away to the tune of, "Muffins, muffins, shut your computer off already, carrot. Bells!"

Still, I don't like to leave you empty handed. For fun, here are some pictures of my adventures over the past few days.

Luke Doucet and his lovely wife, Melissa McLelland. They make me happy.

A clothing auction for cancer prevention! I only spent $4.50 and walked away with two cool skirts and a cute purple top.

People tried stuff on wherever there was space.

Brian Simms at his CD release party. He totally rocked the night with his snazzy hat and wicked band.

A dinner party during Earth Hour.

What I found when I started making breakfast this morning. My BH is a riot.

A mastiff puppy. Immediately after I took this picture, he started humping his toy moose. He is going to grow to be the size of a pony.


Dayanti Karunaratne said...

Thanks for coming Saturday and posting a few pics! My battery was more ways than one!

XUP said...

It was bins, boxes and barrels of fun! I only wish I could have stayed longer and bid more on those quirky green shoes.

Laura said...

Looks like an awesome weekend!!!! Hope all is well...Cheers!

La Canadienne said...

Great, cheap clothes make me happy in a way nothing else can.