Friday, March 28, 2008

You and Me

Why are people already wearing shorts? I'm as excited as anyone that the weather is mild lately... But shorts? Come on. I've seen three people in the past 24 hours wearing them. Maybe this winter pushed a few folks right over the edge. (I direct you here for some short-related comic relief)

I'm getting my taxes ready for my accountant, and writing down the amount of money I spent on my album is making me queasy. Although, to be fair, I thought I had spent much more. There's always a bright side.

My Better Half and I spent last night chowing down on Ethiopian food and watching made-for-TV movies about our favourite books. Not to geek out on y'all, but curling up in bed with your sweetheart, your laptop and a pirated fantasy film is a really hot date. I am really freaking tired this morning, though.

Tonight I see Luke Doucet! I can't wait! I have a feeling I will either stay completely sober or get stupid drunk - no in between. Either way.... I get to see Luke Doucet! I can't wait! (Did I mention how tired I am today?)

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to a clothing auction to raise money for cancer prevention. It's for ladies, it's fun and casual, and a bunch of people have donated great used clothes to the cause. If anyone wants to come bid on some great clothing, let me know! Tomorrow in Centretown, gals. You and me.

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XUP said...

Me, me, me... I want to know where one might bid on great used clothing.