Monday, April 21, 2008


I scratched my hand after walking in the spring heat, and lo and behold, I am covered in sun rash. Better than frostbite, yes, but still boooooo. My arm is being taken over by red bumps.

Last night I had yet another adventure at Zaphod's. I went to see the amazing Woodhands play (holy great musicians Batman), and was nearly trampled by a very disturbed, very drunk, very tall dude who had some serious problems playing nice. To make a long headache short, this guy muscled his way to the front of the stage, and proceeded to:

- pour beer into my purse and onto my (new) shoes as a result of his enthusiastic dancing

- start a fight with some guys who were trying to stop him from yelling "motherfucker" at the band

- basically humped my friend even after she pushed him away repeatedly (he also did this to every other female in the front row, except for me... maybe because he could tell I was about to get violent on his ass)

- stole the band's microphone. yelled "motherfucker" several times.

I went for a pee break near the end of the set, and grabbed the bouncer on my way back to the stage. He threw that asshat out the door. I guess I should have gotten the bouncer earlier. That dude was so out of control, it was almost comical. I am especially peeved that he forced me to abandon my spot directly in front of the Woodhands' beautiful drummer. He looked just like my Better Half, but with drum sticks. Dang! Can't go wrong with that.

Other than the fact that my shoes feel sticky, it was a very good night. Next time I see that dude though, I'm not waiting six songs in to get him booted out.


XUP said...

And who says personal tasers wouldn't be fine handbag accessories?

Andrea... said...

That dude needed a slap in the face at very least. He was going to get pummeled by someone if he stayed any longer, so maybe kicking him out was a bit of a favour.

Ming Wu Photography said...

I was at the show too.
Took some photos of the show.
That guy was annoying.
You don't dance like an idiot and spill your drinks on someone's purse or shirt or shoes.
Glad he got kicked out, don't like it when idiots do that kind of stuff at shows.

Andrea... said...

Great shots! I think I saw you in the front row with the camera.

Ming Wu Photography said...

I didn't take alot which I wanted to
But after the third song
I just wanted to dance :P
Let my brother do the snapping away.