Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Weekend

Talk about a good weekend.

That gig I was a little worried about? It was kick ass fun. Packed, friendly, and we even played well. So many people came who I haven't seen in years. A good chunk of my high school graduating class was there. My folks were there. Even some people who I had never met came out, because they had somehow heard my music. That always catches me off guard.

My dad had a new camera lens. It was his first successful purchase off eBay (we'll talk about his "technical prowess" another time). Needless to say, he took approximately 1000 pictures during the gig, and approximately one of them was flattering.

I joked with the crowd throughout the set, because truth be told, I'm not a very serious person (you may have figured that out by now). When I was done, Holly the coordinator came up on stage to thank me, and said "I need to remember never to make assumptions, because I assumed you were very serious when I met you." I took that as a great compliment, although I can't imagine what gave her the impression that I was serious. Maybe my depressing love songs? Regardless. She asked me to come back in September.

People bought loads of CDs, and I proceeded to blow the cash on wine, t-shirts for my Better Half, and a pair of pink iron antlers. No joke. When I was waiting in line to buy the antlers, I saw one of the actors from Degrassi (next gen) shopping next to me. I tried not to stare. The cashier asked me what I was going to do with my antlers, and I realized that I had no idea. I bought them anyway. Life is too short not to have cool pink antlers.

Because so many of my friends have settled in Montreal, I'm usually lucky enough to have a place to stay when I go there. My hosts this time were amazing. I got my own set of keys, towels, and great food. We made a giant Jewish dinner (matzo ball soup and sweet potato latkes) just because we wanted to have a themed meal. I especially liked the fish tank with a naked lady doll floating around in it. The Rambo clock was pretty cool too. What a great apartment.

Other than catching up with friends, I spent the weekend wandering. This was actually the first weekend I have ever gotten my geographical bearings in Montreal. It's one of the only cities that consistently gets me lost. I have a good sense of direction and a photographic memory, so I'm generally pretty good at navigating cities. Not Montreal. Until now. It only took, what, 50 tries?

Anyways, it's nice to be back with my sweetheart, who couldn't seem to get over how quiet the house was without me. There were no raves, as far as I could tell. Just an empty bag of chips and a lot of clean, folded laundry.


Jessica said...

Geez, way to leave your readers hanging. Which actor from Degrassi the Next Generation?

Glad the show went well and that there were no raves.

Andrea... said...

The dude who plays Toby!

Jessica said...

Haha that's awesome! Gotta love a brush with a minor celebrity!

XUP said...

That's interesting because Montreal was the first and only city I was immediately able to find my way around in.

Andrea... said...

Really XUP? I have literally gotten lost there every visit for the past seven years or so.