Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I started off the day spewing sunshine and rainbows, and have somehow ended up at the other end of the spectrum feeling highly fricking annoyed. Hopefully it will pass, because it's too nice out to spend the day muttering under my breath.

Did you know there is a Yiddish class at the University of Ottawa? I think I have to take it. My Yiddish is shite, and I can only really describe food or call people crazy. Not that those things aren't useful, but you know...

Last night I made a really good vegan baked beans and veggie hot dogs casserole thingy. We ate it with a huge salad and spent the evening looking up fancy bikes. We had plenty of other things we were supposed to be doing, but we plain old didn't want to. So there.

I'm sort of itching to get out and about these days. My neglected sewing machine has been calling to me, and I think it's high time for me to sign up for sewing lessons. My mother used to be a costume designer, so you'd think I would have learned sewing from a young age. I did, in a way, except we discovered a few years in that my little antique sewing machine had a short and was giving me electric shocks as I sewed. I thought that was part of sewing, which explains why I didn't like it very much. I kinda get nervous around sewing machines now. But whatever. It's time I learned.


La Canadienne said...

Your sewing machine has been training you to leave it alone using the same principle used in dog collars. Yikes! Machines taking over!

A. & J. said...

if you find a good sewing class let me know. I'd like to take one this summer too.