Saturday, April 05, 2008

In Case I Grow

Okay, so yesterday's weather ended up being a bit depressing... But we're back on track now, and it was beautiful outside today. Half of my garden has thawed, and my snowbanks are receding. They are now a bit closer to being my height, instead of towering over me.

While we're talking about height:

If you haven't had a face-to-face, standing up chat with me, chances are you don't know just how short I am. I say 'standing up' because I have a long waist, and I still look pretty average sized when I'm sitting down. But when I stand up to greet you on my uber short legs? I am all of 5'2.

This is often fodder for my friends, who aren't particularly tall, but who look like giants next to me. I get teased fairly often, and I don't mind, because it's all in good fun. Besides, I mastered the art of making sexually-based insults long ago, and if anyone pushes the height issue beyond humour, I start talking about balls. This makes everyone uncomfortable, and the teasing stops. It's a technique I employ regularly, and it can also be applied to any other sort of teasing you may encounter. Try it sometime!

I digress, unsurprisingly.

Today I gave my Better Half a whole new reason to tease me about being short. We went looking at new bikes, because my BH is a bike geek and he needed new tubes and wheels and rim tape (hehe) and some other stuff that I can't remember.* Since I need a new bike, we figured I could try some models out for size.

The first bike I tried out was a 20 inch frame, and I nearly toppled over because it was so damn big. Next was 18. Then 15.

"You can't possibly need a frame that's smaller than 15," he said.

"Well, this one is still too big!" I replied.

"Okay, over to the kiddie bikes," he said.

I looked over at the 13 inch frames, which were indeed kid bikes, complete with fluorescent lightening stickers and other charming decorations.

"There's no way in hell you're gonna get me riding a kid's bike around this store," I said, crossing my arms defensively. "No freaking way."

Eventually we found a perfect bike for me; lime green, with a 13.5 inch frame. Not a kiddie bike, thank goodness. But pretty damn small. And I think it was the only one that size in the whole store.

My BH started to giggle.

"I can't believe you need a 13.5 inch frame."

He giggled some more. Tears ran down his cheeks. He had a good laugh while I played around on the bike. It's a one speed, with pedal brakes, like when I was eleven.

That was a long story with no particular point, except to say that we decided not to get the bike right away, you know, in case I grow.

*He biked to PEI once, for fun, and I have since been in awe of his calves and his stamina. I get winded when I run for the bus. Lame.


Marie-Adèle said...

I have just the thing for you:

They seem to be gaining popularity here, I see them a lot. One of my neighbours has one, in fact.

XUP said...

I say, leave the biking to your thick-calved other half and take up something more suited to your petite frame. Biking is a lot of work for very little pay-off. And it can get really, really expensive. Walking is better if only because you'll always have a good excuse to buy shoes.

Andrea... said...

M-A: Sooooo cute. And very Japanese!

XUP: Walking will always be my first love. I just want a functional bike to help me with groceries... Buying laundry detergent is so much easier when you have a big basket over your back wheel.

jenny said...

i bought my bike from a 12 year old boy who grew out of it. you're not alone.