Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Still Too Cold for Flip-Flops

It is still too chilly to wear the following:

mini skirts with bare legs
tank tops

Somehow, people are still wearing them. Outside. In the spring chill.

An update on my 'numb feet' situation, for those of you who love to read about numb feet (I know you exist! Okay, I don't. But a few people come to this blog because they have numb feet too, so this is for you, people in Russia, Brussels and Arizona.).

My feet aren't really numb anymore, although they still don't feel completely normal. I got brand new orthodics, and I wear them all day at the office, which seems to help stabilize whatever was going on with that crushed nerve. I don't wear the orthodics home usually, because it doesn't take much to make my arches feel sore and bruised. I've stopped my chiropractic visits, although I kinda miss them, because I'm having trouble stretching out my calf and shin muscles alone. I'm going to make an appointment for a massage to see if I can help out my poor left leg. My thigh muscles are so tight that I get a fiery, stabbing pain if I so much as poke them. I can't even imagine how much that appointment is going to hurt. Jesus.

My Better Half and I have been buying a crazy amount of kitchen things lately. We're going to need to buy them eventually when we move, but that's still a while away. In the past week, I've bought a deluxe salad spinner (did you know there was such a thing??), measuring spoons, a bamboo cutting board, and some sort of pastry scraper thingy (I was happy to buy the pastry scraper, because I'm hoping that means there will be some pastry for me in the future... cough cough). They are going right into boxes, because we don't want to break them before we find a new apartment. This all strikes me as being a bit odd, but maybe we're just planning ahead? Or maybe we're nuts.

I dreamt about bulldogs all night. I took my bulldog for a long walk and then introduced him to my friends. It was a really long walk.

Looking at my planner for the week is making my head spin, but at least I get to spend a weekend in Montreal when it's all over. Woot!


Jo Stockton said...

1. I don't understand the summer fashion in spring either. With all the possible spring cuteness (wellies, tights, little jackets, layers)why jump the gun?

2. You should look at Megan's apartment. Then you'd get a nice apartment and I'd get nice new neighbours. It's win-win!


Andrea... said...

Jo: I wholeheartedly agree. There are so many cute spring things to take advantage of, why freeze one's nipples off in a mini dress? And hmmm... Eeeeenteresting.....