Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Let It Out

My poor drum teacher.

He is entirely an academic sort of guy. He approaches music the way most people approach a math problem. You can imagine why this is hard for me, seeing as how I suck at math and learn everything by ear. Lately, our lessons have involved me saying things like, "Let's put away the sheet music and just make it up!" or "Why can't we just feel the rhythm? Doesn't it just live in your brain? Let it out!" or "Noooooo, no more sheet music! Nooooo!"

Slowly, I'm getting him to open up to the wonderful world of Playing Things By Ear. He resists though. My God, does he ever love his lesson booklet. I see it as a challenge. I will wrench that thing from his unwilling hands if it kills me.

Also, I've decided to rent a drum kit for the next few months. And I will play it by ear, damnit.

My Better Half made me the best dinner EVER. I encourage you all to try it. Easy and delicious. I'm going to make the sauce and eat it over noodles. And I'll probably have thirds, it's so good.


XUP said...

This looks good -- I'm making it tonight. I've love peanut sauces, but the ones I've made have never quite reached the pinnacle of peanut saucy goodness. I have high hopes for this one! Thanks

Tiana said...

Sounds like we should trade teachers!

Mine was always amazed that I had to write everything down before I could even fathom playing it.

XUP said...

The next day.... it really was a scrumdilly-icious sauce. Of course, I fooled around with it a bit -- I added ginger -- I like ginger with tofu and it makes it easier to digest. I almost had to armw-restle the kid for leftovers for lunch today, but then we decided there was enough for both of us. Yum & thanks

Andrea... said...

Glad you liked it as much as I did!