Saturday, April 19, 2008


Ah, it's spring out there. I may have even gotten some colour on my face! Imagine that! Pale little me.

I was supposed to get a drum kit today, except I went right after 6pm and they were already closed. Just one in the ever-expanding list of things that drives me batty about Long and McQuade. I'd go get the kit tomorrow, but conveniently, they aren't open on Sundays.

(Because heaven forbid somebody might want to buy something)

I did, however, buy new shoes.

They were expensive, but holy shit are they ever comfortable. And they make me feel sorta ladylike, which is hard to do. Especially with that little profanity problem I have.

In other news, my housemate bought a scooter.

Now, I was raised on my dad's motorcycle, so I sometimes look at scooters with a bit of disdain. How much fun can you have if you can't go any faster than 50? But looking at that cute little moped made me want one. My inner biker cried like a big fat baby.

I'm itching to cut off my hair again. I never got around to it last time I wanted to... Probably because it was March and I was using my hair to insulate my brain against our psychotic winter. But now that I don't need all those layers, I'm dying to chop it all off to chin length. My Better Half has also asked me to shave his head, so it will be a bit of a spring cleanse for us. We'll be all set for summer.

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