Friday, April 18, 2008

Ring the Alarm

I feel disgusting today. A healthy combination of no sleep, breaking in a new pair of tights, and stomach pain. Yum.

Have you ever slept through your alarm going off NINE TIMES? Sometimes I sleep through the first beep. Then I wake up, no matter how tired, because loud beeping is annoying and loud and beepy. My Better Half, however, managed to sleep through his alarm this morning, even though it went off every seven minutes for over an hour. After the first time, I was awake. After the second time, I was ready break something. Never mind that I had already gone to bed far too late, but now my extra hour of sleep was gone. I gave the alarm my best death stare. I considered dropping it out the window. But honestly, I didn't have the energy to plot any further. Plotting is hard work.

My BH slept through the ordeal.

Then I decided to celebrate spring by wearing a skirt with new tights. I have a confession: I like the way tights look, but I hate the way they feel. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I was hopping around my room, trying to put my tights on. Oh God. That's a good way to turn a girl off tights forever. I got them on, but I can tell it's going to be a regular struggle. Andrea vs. tights, Round 2. (PS, tights? You're going DOWN. I will mess you up.)

The good part? It's Friday. Tomorrow I can sleep in, have tea, and then go get me a drum kit.

And I can imagine the alarm sitting on the skin of my snare, and beat the living crap out of it.


XUP said...

Tights? It's 24 degrees out, woman -- what's wrong with your bare legs?

PS: I'm finding it really freaky to be walking around with bare legs, sandals and short sleeves while climbing over snowbanks.

Shawna said...

Buying a drum kit for musicians is like buying a house for normal people.



Andrea... said...

XUP: I was cold in India. Tights won't overheat me. I promise.

Shawna: Thank you! Happy drumwarming to me!