Friday, May 23, 2008

Damn Sensitive

I should have noticed that I was feeling a little more sensitive than usual, especially after tearing up during a cheesy vitamin commercial last night. That should have warned me. But after waking up this morning and promptly bursting into tears, I think I've cleansed my system of my need to bawl. Sometimes it just needs to happen so I can go back to being me: straight-faced, sarcastic, and occasionally inappropriate. Not prone to random crying fits. Not usually. Unless I'm feeling really damn sensitive.

The show tonight is actually at 8:30; pardon my earlier announcement. The doors open at 7:30 or 8pm though, so feel free to come check out the venue and grab a seat if you're stopping by. I'm mildly concerned that I will blurt out "bulldog" in place of another word, like "heartache" or "sunset." If I sing, "I like to watch the bulldog to keep the bulldog off my mind," please forgive me. It's just that my brain is elsewhere today.

Tomorrow should be interesting. We pick up the puppy in the afternoon, and then make the four hour drive home. The spud will ride shotgun with my BH, and we're going to do our best to make the trip as relaxing as we can for the little guy. Thoughts of puppy pee all over the rental car are creeping into my mind, but we'll just figure it out as we go along. Hopefully no major fines are involved. And hopefully we don't get so attached to the car that we refuse to give it back. I'm looking forward to driving a Yaris all weekend though. Yee haw.

Puppy blogging commences tomorrow! Up, up, and away!

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XUP said...

Yay for puppy day!! You're all weepy because you're about to become a mommy. Can't wait to meet the spud. Have a great day.