Monday, May 26, 2008

He Has a Sense of Humour Too

BH: He is so smart. He peed in the house a couple of times, but he seems to know to take his poos outside.

Me: That is so cool. He is so well behaved. We have the greatest dog.

Morty: (looks at us and craps on the floor)


Well, I took a cute video for y'all and now my computer is pretending it can't play videos.

Until I figure that one out, here of some pictures of Mordichai! (We picked that name because he seems to like being called "Morty" for short, and because we like the idea of having a super Jewish English bulldog. Go Morty!)


Laura said...

OMG - Morty is the best name and man is he every cute! Love the tummy!

Hope things are going well!

I once commented on how my little 3 year old was not having any accidents, only to look over and seeing him pee all over the play structure at the park - on purpose, "spelling his name in pee". Guess puppies are not the only ones who mark their territory!

Jessica said...

I just showed Morty's picture to all the gal's at work! We all approve. He's one photogenic puppy!

zoom said...

I was just going to say he has the sweetest tummy, but laura beat me to it!

That's hilarious about him pooing on the floor.

La Canadienne said...

Baaaah when can I come to your house and bask in the cuteness?! Now that my boy has gone home there is significantly less cute in my life. Help me remedy this! Plus I love puppies.

A. & J. said...

whoa! What a cute pup! I'm so jealous. He looks perfect. :)

XUP said...

I can't decide if he looks more like you or the BH? What do you think? Maybe Grandpa? When's the baby shower?