Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Mordichai

This post, and possibly the next few posts, for a while, will be all about Morty. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Everyone that has come to visit him seems to agree that Morty looks like the offspring of a threesome between a sharpei, a manatee, and a pig. He even makes the piggy squeals when my BH leaves the room. Snort, snort, snort.

He is one fuck of a smart dog. Because we're using reward training, we give him a treat when he does his business in the right place: OUTSIDE. Since he figured that out, instead of taking a poo and a pee when we let him out, he splits up his pees and poos to get more treats. Lately, he goes outside, does a little mini poo, collects his treat, does a mini pee, collects his treat, does another mini poo.... It goes on. Since we clued in, we've only been rewarding his first attempt, so hopefully he'll stop it soon. Entertaining? Oh yes.

He has been very good about accidents in the house (fingers crossed that he is not pooping on the floor as I type).* The only place he consistently has accidents is, well, in my closet. He loves it in there, and if we lose sight of him for one second, will happily crap on my closet floor before trotting through it on his way back to us. My BH and I reek of puppy business... NASTY.

You guys were right; we stuck with the crate training and he's already getting used to it. Each time we put him in the crate, we leave him just a little bit longer than the time before. Those fifteen or twenty minutes of quiet time without having to watch the puppy are amazing. This is when we eat, do laundry, lie down, or remember to shower. Honestly, I think we'll both drop a few pounds this week alone from the running around and the lack of proper food. Our meals used to be so elaborate, and now they consist of cereal or Chinese food delivery. Our dog eats better than we do. I'm hoping that will change as he gets into the routine, because there's only so much delivery I can eat in a week.

Did I mention that he's teething? He is. Very much. He will chew anything... Concrete, wood, metal, flooring, fingers, toes, and recently my boobs. Fucking ouch. One minute we're snuggling, next minute he's decided that my mammaries are the perfect chew toy. We're working to break him of that, obvs. Although, he did bite his brother on the wang... Maybe he just knows where to hit where it hurts.

I've started going back to work while my BH stays home with him. It's hard to be away from the little guy, but I'll have my turn next week.

Yay puppies!!!

*So, right before I was about to post, my BH informed me that he had just peed next to his crate. Booo.


zoom said...

More pictures!

Andrea... said...

Careful what you wish for... I have approximately one million and counting. That's not counting the videos.

But yes... Will do!

Shawna said...


You have just blogged the equivalent of a new mother's "Baby's first year".

Including lots of poo talk.


La Canadienne said...

I am frickin in love with your dog. He and I have decided to be friends, which means I'm coming for playdates! You and your BH will have to deal.
When I got home last night, my cat smelled me and gave me the meanest look. Teehee.

PS: Look at you! All hip with the lingo, using "obvs".