Monday, May 19, 2008

A New Spud

Something crappy happened a couple of weeks ago. The breeder sold our puppy.

I'm just going to guess that someone offered her more money, as well as agreeing to a breeding contract, and that was enough for her. I was pretty upset, but decided not to go chatting about it until I had a plan.

Luckily for me, the breeder felt awful for selling him. Really awful. She contacted another breeder in the area to get us a dog. The new breeder is a whole lot more on top of things. She has already started training her puppies, spends all day taking care of them, and she had a boy dog for us. I visited him on Saturday. Good lord, he is adorable.

He also has quite a little personality. Within a few minutes of me arriving, he started play-fighting with his brother. His brother kept biting him on the face, so my puppy turned around and bit him on the wang. The wang, people.

He also spent a lot of time nuzzling my boobs, so he's clearly a charmer.

My Better Half and I are picking him up this Saturday. It's so soon! I have to much to prepare before then! I need to locate a baby gate, get a dog crate, get some food and treats, and goodness knows what else. Then I'll probably never leave the house because I'll have a squishy little wang-biting potato to play with.

Five days, y'all! Five days until the potato comes home!

Just for fun, he's a picture of my potato's mama, Sadie.

Brilliant. I love bulldogs.

PS, If anyone has a baby gate they don't use anymore, drop me a line! (Or a medium dog crate, for that matter)

PPS, "Wang" is being picked up as a typo. C'mon Blogger! It's a perfectly valid word!


zoom said...

Andrea, he's perfect - he looks and sounds like a spunky little spud. And a wang-biter to boot - what more could you ask for?

Sometimes the universe steals your puppy right out from under your nose so it can give you an even better one.

Andrea... said...

Zoom, he is the spunkiest of spuds. You will love him and his wang biting. He may even nuzzle your boobs!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, this little potato means I need to plan another Ottawa trip SOON! Plus, I could use a good boob nuzzle!

Andrea... said...

DO come to town for a boob nuzzle! It will be well worth the trip! Best to come soon for maximum nuzzling.

Laura said...

He is wonderfully cute!

For supplies look at - I kow there have been gates and crates there. Sorry I cannot help you- we still use our baby gates, and heck, if I had a crate, I would be USING IT!!!!!


La Canadienne said...

Just TRY and keep me away. Please send me an email the second I can show up on your doorstep to meet your potato. I will abandon the cute writer houseguest immediately and run over.
Your puppy is so freakin' adorable. I am so excited for you!

Aggie said...

Congratulations, Andrea! I love him already, and look forward to the puppy-blogging.

Andrea... said...

Laura: Thanks for the Used Ottawa tip! I've already found some good-looking crates on there.

LC: I would never try to keep you away. And you will know when I get him because you'll hear me squealing all the way home.

Aggie: There will be loads of puppy blogging! Someone's gotta start a new trend here....

XUP said...

This is definitely going to put a crimp into your money-saving scheme, but what the hell. Boob-nuzzling spudlove is something money can't buy. (PS: Make sure the BF keeps his wang well protected just in case)

A. & J. said...

omg! that's one super cute puppy!