Saturday, June 14, 2008


I went to Westfest today to see Jennifer read. It was a brilliant plan, but poorly executed, seeing as how I arrived immediately after her set. I'm sure she was great, but booooo to me being late.

(I blame Morty, by the way, because so many people stopped me to coo over him that it took twenty minutes to walk to the stage instead of three)

Megan, Evey and Jennifer (as well as Leslie, Adam and Michael) got to meet the little porker and cooed plenty over his abundance of rolls and his tummy tattoo. I also ran into Robin who got a few pics of Morty before he fell asleep in my arms. Lucy van Oldenbarneveld freaked over him and said she would consider getting a bulldog in the future, because dang, they are so cute. Score!

But on top of all that... Bringing a puppy to a festival is exhausting. Holy holy. I'm sure I could have easily counted fifty different people stopping us to ask about him. That's cool with me, because I love talking about my dog, but it took so long to get out of there that I nearly collapsed when we reached the car. Hopefully Morty can handle one more day of attention, because he's coming down tomorrow to see my set (12:45! Come say hi! I'm crossing my fingers that people will actually show up to see us earlier folks before the big acts come out in the evening).

Anyways. I was going to tell you about how we're dog sitting a hound for the week and that Morty won't stop humping her, but I'm sure you've heard about about dogs for one post.

So, uh, boobies! There you go. Gotta throw something exciting in there, no?

See y'all tomorrow.


Robin said...

Yes, I was awfully sleepy. ;)

Andrea... said...

Hahaha... Yeah, you and Morty both!

Ming Wu Photography said...

Just want to say you were amazing today at Westfest.
Before the horrible rain that cancelled some of the artist that were supposed to play.

Love that you did the cover of Arcade Fire.

Uploaded the photos that I took too.