Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Those Elusive Muscles


I am going to The Gym. Tonight. A real Gym, with equipment and sweaty people. ME.

Stop laughing.

It's just that... I hate The Gym. I hate it with a raving passion and I've never even been to one. The idea of "getting in shape" in front of a group of strangers in spandex creeps me out so bad. Even thinking about it makes me breathe faster, and not in a Gym-esque kind of way. In a panicked kind of way.

And yet....

I found out that I have access to a small gym through my job. For free. My co-worker took me there the other day to have a look, and it seemed pretty non-threatening. There were only three people working out and only one of them was wearing spandex. My co-worker and I discussed our options.

We could pretend like we didn't know The Gym existed, and continue our lives in blissful, chubby ignorance. We could promise to visit The Gym all the time, but instead make excuses and opt to share beers over some fries at the nearby pub. Or, we could try The Gym, and see what happens. So tonight, we try.

The mix of dread and curiosity is going to kill me. Wish me luck.

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