Sunday, November 05, 2006

Things (the game, of course)

Greetings and hello... I realize it's been a little while. I have a good excuse though. I threw a party for my friends.

To be exact, I threw an engagement party for two of my best friends with the help of my partner. And a lot of expensive groceries. And one small glass of wine that felt like a whole bottle of wine on account of the Very Strong Drugs I alluded to recently. Blasted antibiotics... they make everything drunk. Specifically, me.

So Saturday was spent cutting, frying, marinating and blending like no other day before. Normally party food consists of some chips and salsa thrown into bowls to be ravenously consumed, but not this time. This time we wanted it to be good. Our friends don't get engaged every day, and we've been pretty excited about having some people over to celebrate. So we made a few special things. There was tapenade, spinach dip, fresh salsa, chocolate fondue, chocolate cake, five-layer dip and pumpkin squares. We served up goat cheeses and crackers, baguette, apple slices with cinnamon, corn chips, pumpernickel, champagne.... oh CHRIST I gorged myself into a state of torpor. Not to mention the fact that I was good and drunk after three sips of wine. I should take antibiotics more often. *

The evening went swimmingly overall, and ended in a rousing round of Things, the best game on the planet. Playing Things is amusing at any time, but playing with a roomful of drunken, dirty-minded party guests is almost ideal.** My favourite moment of the game happened when we read out the answers to the question, "Things you should not name a children's book." My dear friend Erin submitted the title, "Stop dreaming, you're going to be an admin assistant." Oh, we laughed. The admin assistant in the room looked horrified.

By the time we finished cleaning up it was nearly 3 am. We slept in to a luxuriously late hour, and ate leftovers for breakfast (technically lunch). I spent the afternoon in the studio adding a doo-wap kinda feel to a song that started as a little pop banjo tune. It was terribly exciting. Can I just tell you again how excited I am? VERY.

At any rate, that is my long-winded explanation for the late posting. Now, it is time for some sleep, and maybe even a perfectly heated magic bag. Sometimes I love chilly fall days.

*I jest. I try to avoid them whenever possible. But when a serious gum infection comes knocking, the drugs start rocking, you know?

**Ideal Things circumstance involves a holiday family reunion and a roomful of drunken, dirty-minded relatives. Honestly. I've never heard my family shrieking "Fuck the cat!" so loudly and enthusiastically before. Hell, I've never even heard them whisper the phrase. I never expected to hear it at all. This is the beauty of Things - expect the unexpected, particularly if it involves beastiality.

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