Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day (Not Shopping)

I've added some new Daily Fixes on the side, and some pics from the holidays. BH and I are off to Peter-boring tomorrow for a family reunion, so I might not be able to post until we return. See you then... I'm off to organize my room!


M-A said...

Have you taken up quilting as well? It's my latest thing, you see. Or maybe just an excuse to buy more fabric? Tell me what colours you like, I'll send you some -- the selection in Tokyo is positively astonishing.

Hugs and eggnog-sticky kisses,
your pretend cousin

Andrea SK said...

I have! Well, I've gone as far as cutting out fabric. We'll see if my sewing skills can catapult me to the next level.

Fabrics from Japan?!? Oh, I just drooled on the keyboard. Must reflect. More soon.