Monday, December 11, 2006


I covet just about any Sunday that comes my way, but yesterday was especially covetable (Um? Are you a word?).

I attended the second Ottawa Music Coalition meeting in the morning, and enjoyed some good discussions and pastries there - a lethal combination, I assure you. It's nice to touch base with people in the music scene somewhere other than a bar. Just like the last meeting, we had waaay too many ideas and too little time. I had to sneak out after two hours of talking, and there was still plenty more discussion to go.

My reason for sneaking out was entirely justified, though. I had to buy organizational supplies. I had made up my mind to sort through BH's closet and I wasn't going in there empty-handed. I needed boxes, lots of boxes, and those hangy-thingys that turn into magical little compartments, and some plastic bins, if you please. On top of all the schooling and the working, BH had run out of time for the simple things in life - namely closet organization. Good thing I LOVE that shit.

I wish I had been wise enough to photograph the epic event. All I can say is this: VICTORY! The closet looks as closets should. Folded, dusted, and labeled. Mmm.

In other news, Saturday's gig with Mike Yates and his trusty band was great. The Branch is indeed an amazing restaurant, and I ate more tofu fajitas than I thought possible. And then pumpkin pie. And then chocolate truffles. And everything was organic! This is my kind of place. Mike played a lovely set, and even my dear Bubbi enjoyed it.

But best of all, my first five songs on the album are done done done. The web site is being finessed, but the full version will be up soon. In case you want another peek, you can find it here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks andrea i love my closet. I can not belive that you labeled my bike stuff, and my snowboarding stuff, and placed them in seperate compartments.


Anonymous said...

Organize my closet?

Can't wait to see you. Can't wait to hear those songs. Let's pick a day to get together soon since my time in town is sadly limited (damn vacationless realjob).


Mystery Flute Girl said...

Loving the sneak peak of your website! Can't wait to see it when it's completed. You go girl!!!

Love Rozalind