Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sad Day

I found myself mesmerized and horrified at the story of the Kim family these past few days. They went missing early last week after trying to get home from their Thanksgiving holiday. Their car disappeared into the rugged Oregon woods and didn't come back out. I've been checking a site set up by their family and friends for updates. Kati and her two daughters were found alive a week after they went missing, but James had set out on foot looking for help, and did not survive. The news about James only came today.

I have become very good at ignoring sad stories that come up on the news, but this one caught my attention. James and Kati were young, talented, intelligent and creative people. James hosted a television show about new technology, and Kati ran two well-known independent boutiques in San Francisco. They both remind me very much of my own friends, and the sorts of lives we aspire to have. Losing your partner is devastating as it is, but I can't imagine losing someone the way Kati did. It's the worst kind of reminder not to take your loved ones for granted.

Now that I have fully and completely bummed you out....

Here are some ways to spend time with (and appreciate) your partner! My Better Half and I have been doing/planning to do these things lately, and they have really picked us up when we are overwhelmed with our jobs, school or whatever other strain happens to be the flavour of the week. Nothing like quality time with your honey. Mmmm... honey....

1. Do crafts together! Our latest craft evening was the card-making extravaganza I wrote about not long ago, but anything goes. We also bought a book on sewing for beginners, and are planning to make some very basic projects to test our skills. It's fun to pick out colours and designs, and sometimes being creative is the best way to reduce stress. We're hoping to make Christmas decorations next, despite, y'know, my Jewishness. A small detail, really.

2. Cook! BH and I are HUGE food enthusiasts. We love to find new recipes and perfect the old ones, and we could spent all day in the kitchen together if we didn't have to do other things (like work, study or go to the bathroom). He is especially skilled at making curries and cakes, and I like making cinnamon buns, pastas and salads. Together, we make very VERY good food. The running joke is that there will only be more of us to love as the years go by, but, ahem, it's not a joke. It will happen. We will become HUGE.

3. Drink! It's amazing what nice things can happen when you put aside an evening to share a bottle of wine. Instead of the usual scurrying about, you can relax and have long, drawn-out conversations about things. Drunkenly. Even better, drinking is an activity that can be layered on top of other activities. For example, you could polish off a bottle of wine or several chocolate-mint martinis while you eat AND craft! Brilliant!

4. Pyjama Day (requires an entire day). Have an unexpected day off at the same time as your sweetheart? Plan a pyjama day. You will need two pairs of comfy pyjamas (flannel is best, but I won't judge you if you choose silk or cotton), several movies (I opt for Harry Potter or Lost in Translation, but I won't judge you if you rent When Harry Met Sally or Star Wars), cash for delivery food (will also need delivery menus), alcohol, and good music. Basically, the idea is to spend all day indoors after sleeping in to a luxuriously late hour. You order lunch and dinner, drink throughout the day, watch movies, do crafts, and listen to great music. This is best done on a dreary, snowy day when you won't be missing out on precious sunlight or warmth. Sound heavenly? You are absolutely correct.

Now all I want are my pyjamas. Damn.

I'll promise to post some pictures from my cookie-making adventures with my darling friend Heather soon. We may or may not be wearing diapers.


Anonymous said...

So...would you only do those things with "BH", or could I get in on ALL THAT as well?

Although you guys make way more delicious food than I do. My food is boring. Yours is divine.

Close to figuring out what few days in december I get to spend in Ottawa...

love Shawna

Andrea SK said...

BH, you, and me. Food. Holidays. Let's do it!