Friday, June 08, 2007

Right In The Change Purse

Awesome things I heard people yell during an ultimate game:

"You're hot!"

"Don't let him break you!"

"I bagged him in the nut sack!"

"Nice hustle!"

"Ooooh, right in the change purse!"

"Hard on! Hard on!" (Okay, that was me trying to get involved)

"He's really hot now! Really hot!"

Wow, who knew ultimate could be so unintentionally dirty? I thought it would be tedious in a high school gym flashback sort of way, but it was really quite entertaining.

I was on the sidelines, of course, dog-sitting. No team sports for me. I would rather eat a frisbee. But I did like the fact that the team I was rooting for was called Disc Envy. And that the words "nut sack" were used repeatedly, either in the form above, or in the "Oh Christ I just got bagged in the nut sack" variety.

In other news, it's summer, and damn it's nice out. My backyard is terribly inviting. So much for my very sincere plans to organize, clean and cook. I would rather bask in the great outdoors. I even bought fresh corn and veggie burgers to take full advantage of the weather, and prowled around my house with a camera to capture it all.

My friend Heather painted this rock during an afternoon of crafts, insisting that it would wash off in the rain. That was last summer. Good thing it's so lovely.

I'm spending tonight at Westfest, thunderstorm or not. I can't think of a better way to spend the evening than at a free festival with great music, writers, dancers, and drinkers. Cheers!

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