Friday, July 13, 2007

Life Organic

I feel like I was the only person in the city who wasn't going to the FIFA game last night.

My bus was so crammed with people, my good-natured bus driver had to joke that there was free beer at the back of the bus to get everyone in. The crowds in front of Landsdowne were so thick that I had trouble seeing the sidewalk. Every street in the Glebe and Old Ottawa South is stuffed bumper-to-bumper with cars.

Not that I mind Ottawa getting a little wild now and then (trust me... we could use the excitement), but will I be getting my city back at any point?

Aside from the soccer madness, today is an exciting day for the foodie part of my brain. My Better Half and I are starting with Life Organic, a local organic food delivery company. Every week, we will get a variety of fresh, mostly local fruit and vegetables delivered right to our door. Since we don't have a car, doing our groceries is a pain in the ass. Since we live centrally, every grocery store around us is expensive. This way, we will spend the same amount of money as we do buying over-priced groceries, but the food will be organic, and we won't have to break ourselves trying to get it home. You can even add bread, eggs, milk and cheese to your order if you want... As well as organic plants for the garden! Too cool. In case anyone is curious, we'll be paying $35 per week for enough food to feed three people. They also have family boxes if you need to feed a household. And the best part is that you don't get the same thing every week. They will stock your order with whatever is the freshest, and you can even specify what foods you like, or what you never use. You can also view your order ahead of time, and make a substitution if you want. I think it's a great excuse to try some new foods and learn some new recipes (which they include on their site).

All this talk has made me hungry. Off to get some breakfast, and tonight, Harry Potter!

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