Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have converted my Better Half to love Trailer Park Boys as much as I do.

I wasn't always this way. I've consistently had a thing for really offensive television (I have loved South Park since it began), but because I've never had cable, my fondness for the crass and rude has been mostly hidden.

When I moved into my current house, my housemate D and my good friend Kurt decided that I should be introduced to the magic of TPB. Since we were all finishing university at the time, wasting our precious study hours in front of the TV was incredibly appealing. Although I insisted on seeing a much later episode that involved Rita MacNeil picking marijuana out of a large field while singing at the top of her lungs,* Kurt refused to let me skip ahead until I had watched every season leading up to that episode.

So we watched. And watched. And after a while, I actually started thinking that Julian was a pretty hot dude (that's how you know you've had too much TPB, although I haven't changed my mind about him yet).

Of course, when my BH moved in, he started wondering why the household was obsessed with this weird show about a Canadian trailer park. So we made him watch. And watch. And yesterday, I actually heard him say, "I wonder what Ricky would do in that situation."


In honour of this unhealthy obsession, I think I will keep an ongoing list of Mr. Lahey's shit-related words. So far I've got:

shit hawk (a rare bird)
shit-pillers (a variation on caterpillars, represented by bottles of alcohol)
shit-moths (when they grow up and get drunk)
shitterflys (like a butterfly, but shittier)

For context: "Ricky, I'm watching you like a shit hawk."

*It was the real Rita, and the real weed, which makes it even funnier.

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M-A said...

That show does grow on you, doesn't it?

And yay for South Park! The Tom Cruise/Scientology/Trapped In The Closet episode had me splitting my sides. And "Cheese spliced with chalk and a beard" is still one of my favourite quotes ever.