Friday, August 17, 2007

Eating Brains

Good news: Tickets for the CD release party are now available at both Compact Music locations. Feel free to scoot on over and get your very own! Hell, bring a hot date if you want. The banjo is a well-known aphrodisiac. Ahem.

It looks like you can also buy your tickets online through the NAC box office, and some other online ticket sites. Who knew?

Bad news: I slept terribly again last night. Nightmares galore. I think my karmic sleep shield has shorted out. I'm going to need some proper rest soon, or I'll start snoozing through dinner. Maybe I'll try drinking herbal tea or knocking myself out with a frying pan. Or watching Coronation Street, even.*

Today we start the big move into the second bedroom. It will be nice to have an office / craft room / extra bed / storage spot. Maybe I'm just getting nightmares from the towering boxes of CDs emblazoned with my name that surround my bed. Or maybe it's the fact that I start a new job in a week. Either way, I will benefit from some obsessive organization and an expanded living space. I'm talking colour coding, categorizing and full room scrub down, if possible.

I'd better get back to being a zombie. Fingers crossed that I don't try to eat anyone's brains before I figure this out.

*Sorry to anyone who genuinely loves that show. I find it induces coma quite effectively, which is saying something.

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