Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hello Martini!

Because I am long overdue, I am off to see a burlesque show tonight.

So, in anticipation of a fun, martini-filled evening, I re-organized my cupboards, pantry and bathroom. You may not see an immediate connection between burlesque and cupboard cleaning, but it seemed perfectly logical at the time. I have labeled my quinoa and bottled my spelt flakes. Gonna see me a good show. Life is good.

At least now I feel that I have done something productive before I steal a nap and then skip down to the bus stop. Weekends are so luxurious when university is over and done with. It occurred to me the other day that I worked almost every Sunday from when I was 17 onwards. Finally, my weekends are complete.


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Anonymous said...

I had that same Sunday experience until I moved away from Ottawa. It was eerie to sleep in on Sunday mornings...

Write you soon,