Monday, August 27, 2007

Orange Pop

Yeah! I've got myself one fun job!

I guess it's been a while since I've started a "new" job, other than changing positions or switching to full-time status after school was done. I'd forgotten what it was like. A bit confusing, and certainly overwhelming. Luckily, everyone was so friendly and helpful that I felt right at home. My new ID card makes me look creepily grown up, but otherwise I've got a roomy work station, a gigantic filing cabinet*, and some cool neighbours. Somehow I found the other office musician within an hour or two, and because Ottawa is small like that, we know all the same people.

But the best part of my day arrived in an unexpected e-mail. My aunt, who is one funky lady and a potter by trade, sent me a message saying she just heard one of my songs on the local CBC radio station in St. John, New Brunswick. Like, what? Really? REALLY? That's awesome!

This evening my sweetheart and I are going to my folks' house for dinner and for some quality time with the cat. Last time I went over looking to play with the kitty, I found her curled up, with no hair, sleeping in the accordion case. Oh man. I thought she couldn't get any cuter after my parents had her shaved like a lion, but I was wrong.

*My filing cabinet has a pair of shoes in it. I find that odd. Who leaves their shoes in a filing cabinet? I also found an unopened can of orange pop, which I will donate to either the recycling bin, or someone who likes disgusting beverages.

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Laura said...

Glad to hear your day went well. Best of luck!

Looking forward to attending the big event!