Sunday, August 19, 2007

In The Dark

Strangely, heading to the ACO burlesque show last night didn't motivate me to wear lacy, racy things. I ended up in a tweed skirt, mauve tights, and some sort of button-all-the-way-up shirt. I know. It doesn't make much sense.

Thankfully, someone commented that they liked my "strict school teacher" costume. Hah! The truth is, I was just slipping into hibernation mode.

See, I'm always cold. There were times in India when I was cold. I sleep with a duvet all summer. I was cold in the hot tub at the Nordik Spa. I went back to the steam room three times and stayed inside until I had trouble thinking. Only then was I comfortable. My nose and fingers are like permanent little ice cubes.

So when we get a couple days in mid-August which feel like the beginning of fall, I freak out. I dig out my long johns and unpack my undershirts. My sweaters get moved down from the highest shelf in my closet. And I end up wearing tweed to a burlesque show instead of lace. I blame the weather.

It didn't seem to matter much, and the show was fabulous and wild. Heather and I had a blast taking inappropriate pictures of ourselves with someone else's camera, which provided for hours of amusement. I wonder if that person has uploaded the shots yet. Surprise!

Beforehand, to treat her to a belated birthday outing, I took Heather to The Buzz for dinner and drinks, and then ambled over to the Aloha Room for more drinks. Having consumed a fair amount of liquid, I scooted to the washrooms. Inside, there was a girl crying in one of the stalls. I wasn't sure what to say, so I went into the stall beside her to do my thing. She got up, clearly distracted, stumbled out of the stall, still crying, opened the main door, and SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS.

I uttered a "Nooooooo......!" in mid-pee.

It took me a while to get out of there, but eventually I emerged. After explaining to Heather, she said, "You know, the worst part is that you have to touch everything to find your way out." Well put. I shot angry looks at the girl from across the bar, but she was too busy talking to a sympathetic looking guy. I'm all for expressing yourself, but lady, don't leave me to locate toilet paper in a pitch black washroom. It's mean, especially when I'm wearing tights. Those things are hard to put on properly in a well-lit room.

At any rate, the night was lovely, and my Better Half and I are enjoying everything that comes with a Sunday off. We had spelt pancakes for breakfast, and wild rice salad with hash browns for lunch. Then there's roasted organic corn for dinner, and fuck me, I should probably start a food blog.

Happy Sunday, and here's a little something that makes me smile every time.

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