Thursday, October 18, 2007


This is a little sick, but I've got Christmas on the mind.

Or in my case, Christmas and Hanukkah. Christmukkah. Oy.

I've decided that I don't want Christmas to be a stressful production this year. I want it to be fun. I want to have dinner parties and tree decorating evenings and menorah lightings and all the rest. I want to buy my gifts early and avoid malls. And, although my sweet Better Half hates this part, I want a real tree.*

So I am going to try something different. I am going to try and buy almost all my gifts online, and I'm going to try and do most of this before December 1. This way I can avoid malls, support sites like Etsy and Abe Books who help out indie retailers and crafters, buy unique presents, and not need to do more than click about on the internets. It sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it? There are a couple of gifts I will have to get at a store, but otherwise, I'm feeling good about my online chances. I'm also hoping to knit a thing or two, although knowing me, these gifts will end up as toys for the cat. They will look a lot like a ball of yarn. Ahem.

Hopefully this isn't all blather. I really do want to do this. It's so easy to get sidetracked by the shit commercialism, and frankly, I'd rather not come home after an hour at the mall wanting to tear my hair out. Besides, I've worked in retail. People can be awful when that "Christmas spirit" takes over.

Anyhoo. I know it's not even Halloween yet, and I know I'm jumping the gun, but I had to get that out there. Besides, having apple cider and mulled wine season around the corner is enough to get anyone excited. And hello, mincemeat pie! You're not meat, but you are pie, and that makes you freaking delicious.

*Here's this thing: I love real Christmas trees. I had them as a kid, and I associate all things good and happy with them. When they come from people who specialize in growing and planting and harvesting trees, I tell myself they aren't as bad as all that, hold my nose, and buy one. And it makes me happy. But my BH, rightly, has major problems with having real trees in the house. And I agree with most of his arguments. But I can't deny it... I love them. Even an enviro enthusiast has her flaws. I'll trade you a little hypocrisy for a little tree.


Erin said...

I'd like to check it the obscure Xmas bazars and whatnot - sometimes you can find really unique treasures in a Church basement! Might be a nice exception to your online shopping rule? I think they do some bigger christmas related shows at Landsdowne which may be a nice change of venue!

Erin said...

Wait, I think it's "bazaare" or is it "bazaar"? That's one of those damn words I never use!

Andrea SK said...

It's a special word. For special people.

Good suggestion though... wanna go?

Heather said...

have you been to the paper store lately? Chistmas is in full swing.

Heather said...

thats with an R. ahem.

Marie-Adèle said...

I'm all about the real tree as well, and it kills me a little inside that I didn't have one last year, nor will I this year.

To me it's all about bringing nature in, having the smell of the forest in your home, to be able to worship a bit of green even during the darkest time of year.


Take heart.. having a real tree from an Xmas tree farm is actually more ecologically sound than an fake tree. All those chemicals and toxis to produce the plastic tree, then end up in landfill eventually, the give off toxins when warmed up by the lights...eww. A real tree can be composted. Or get a small potted one and plant it in your yard after? And online shopping is da bomb. I've been doing it for years. Usually get books. Never set foot in a mall after the end of October. It's totally doable.

Andrea SK said...

Heather... Does this mean we can start stocking up on paper??

M-A and U.P... Well, that makes me feel better. There's just something about a real tree that makes it seem like a holiday. I should try out the small potted tree bit though... Maybe it will do the trick!

A. & J. said...

Great idea about the Online shopping! I will doing something similar this year. Plus when you shop online its like your getting presents in the mail too. :)