Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shrimp Tempura

Well, I guess I should have made a bet or something.

Last night, my Better Half and I went out to our favourite sushi joint for dinner. He wanted to order shrimp tempura. I told him that tempura was made of wheat, it's deep fried, and we're supposed to stay away from shrimp.

He looked at me, appalled. "I quit!" he said.

Four days in, and my BH is jumping off the Joshi horse. Booo. I suppose if something is going to break you, shrimp tempura is a good a vice as any. I was unimpressed, but sympathetic. The boy is going through mid-terms. He wants his treats.

"Don't worry," he assured me. "I'll still stay away from sugar."

Two hours later, he was scarfing down peanut butter chocolate brownies like a starving man. When you fall, you fall hard.

At any rate, I've lost some weight, I feel fine, and I'm not giving up. Know why? Because I can still have shrimp tempura in two weeks. And because it's not a life sentence, as annoying as it is.

Yesterday I went to the doctor to seek out the source of my numb feet. Did I mention that I have numb feet? Well, I do. It started in April with two toes, and has gotten worse since. I have a bad habit of ignoring medical problems, so I only really started to worry when I got back from India and the numbness had spread. Sometimes it moves up into my calf or thigh, and then goes back home to rest. It's a bad feeling.

I told all this to my doctor. There was a long pause.

"Well, that's not good!" she said, cheerfully. "I'll just send you to be tested for multiple sclerosis."

She's also sending me for new orthodics, which could also be the source of the problem. Perhaps my arches have fallen in on themselves. Let's hope I have bad feet and not a debilitating disease! (insert nervous laughter here)

In better news, the CBC played one of my songs yesterday afternoon. That is so much cooler than MS.

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