Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The snow has stopped falling... For now.

We finally got the cars dug out of our driveway only to get a note from our bitchy neighbour asking us not to put "our snow" on "her lawn." This is the same woman who called the cops on us when we had a party, and some of the smokers were in our backyard chatting. Too loudly, I guess. I'm torn between being bitter and feeling badly; she has lost both her daughter and her husband in the past two years. Every time she does something unspeakably rude, I grit my teeth and remind myself that she's having a rough time too.


Having this much snow around isn't as painful as I would have expected. For one, it's beautiful. Everything is quiet and cool, and even the noisier streets are a little less harsh. It's also the best kind of snow for random winter sports, such as snow ultimate, where you only get points for making dramatic dives into snowbanks to catch the frisbee. We played for over an hour this weekend, and although everyone was wet and cold by the time we were done, it was insanely fun.

Still, I'm having a tough time getting to my bus stop safely. The sidewalks near my house aren't ploughed, and it's a real trial to get to the stop without walking on a very busy, slippery street, or faceplanting into dirty snow. I am also encountering the downsides of having short winter boots: cold, wet ankles. Ugh. Watching me run for a bus through a snowbank that goes up to my thighs is a real treat. I encourage you all to try it sometime.

I'm getting excited for the show this Friday. I'll be on CHUO tomorrow at around 5pm, chatting with Mitchell Caplan of Click Here. Tune in, if you can. I might even play a song (although the thought of making that bus stop run with a banjo on my back is seriously scaring me).

I'm also getting excited to see some of my old friends who are coming home for the holidays. We all keep in touch through e-mail etc, but really, I'd like to see them in person every now and then. It's funny, but just having tea and chatting about nothing in particular with a friend puts me in a state of calm. All is right in the world, because now I can see their new haircut in real life and not over Facebook. Or I can meet their husbands and wives. Or their babies. Or I can drool over their latest bit of music geekery. Yay! Music geekery!

I digress.

I'm hoping to locate my Christmas decorations tonight so I can pretty up the tree. It's been naked since we got it, and although I'm a huge fan of nudity, my tree just looks embarrassed. Pics will follow, of course (Of the decorations... Not the nudity. Just to be clear).

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