Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Karate Chop

It has been a day of extremes. Extremely bad traffic, for example, that made me late for the radio interview... But extremely good veggie chili later on. So it goes.

The interview was fun, and Mitchell is a very accommodating host. But me? I was a mess, having just run into the studio as the show was starting, tore off my coat, and was still trying to catch my breath when the questions started. I hope I didn't sound like a total lunatic. Or a pervy lunatic, since I was probably breathing heavily into the mic. Maybe I sounded like Darth Vader on drugs. I shudder at the thought. But thinking back, I don't even know what the hell we talked about. Did anyone hear it? Was I coherent?

Oh my.

The buses were so, so bad today. I should have probably walked home from downtown, but the sidewalks were a mess and I thought I would save some time by busing. Wrong! Bank Street was barely moving, and I realize now that it would have been faster for me to crawl home. Happily though, I stopped off in the Glebe to bring Compact Music some more CDs, since they had sold out of mine! I was so excited that they sold out, I almost forgot how damn hungry I was. ALMOST. Thank goodness for veggie chili at the Wild Oat. It gave me my brain back. And I stopped fantasizing about karate chopping people who got in my way. I am most unpleasant when I have no food in me. My Better Half has learned to just back away quietly.

Eventually I made it home, and yes! I got mail! Great mail! A card from my dear Jessica, and a crocheted salamander from my friend Emily that she's trading for an album. Both things were awesome, and I have been in a much better mood since.

I am including a picture of one of my favourite dogs, because I am tired and it seems like a really good idea right now. This is Lucy, who my BH and I dogsat this past weekend. See her little booties? And the leash in her mouth? She does that when she wants a walk. She grabs the leash and brings it to you. But then, does she let go? No. She expects you to put on the leash while she's holding it, and then she takes you for a walk. She just pulls you along, showing off her human to whomever will look. She is so freaking sweet.

Night dears. I need to unwind like you wouldn't believe.


Jessica said...

Yay! You got my card! That makes me happy. You did get my blog wrong though :) It's voicesescape.blogspot. Haha But now I'm up reading this other person's blades of blue blog, now that I know there are other people who have stolen their blog names from Wilco! It's about sports and hunting though, two things I'm not too great at. I hope you're keeping well!

Andrea SK said...

Haha, oh dear... I'm changing the link now! I wonder how I managed that... :) Thanks again!!