Friday, December 21, 2007

Titles: Better Than Good Segues

Let It Sh(n)ow

I found out about this this gig at Zaphod's just over a week ago, right?

I was thrilled, because a. I love Casey Comeau, and b. I love playing December shows, since so many old friends come back to town. But I was a little bummed that, given the short timing, I wouldn't be able to do much promo.

Enter Ottawa's super supportive local media, who have saved me from promo hell. I got home yesterday to a bunch of messages from people who heard me on CBC Radio. Adrian Harewood played one of my songs, apparently said very kind things about it, and mentioned the gig (swoon!). There was also the CHUO interview on Wednesday, even if I did blather on like a fool, and both CKCU FM and The Ottawa Citizen have talked about the show.

THANK YOU. I owe you all my sanity, because doing proper promotion with Christmas so close is hard. Really hard.

For anyone looking to come out tonight, I'll be on stage at 9pm, and cover is $6. I would love to see you!

Siblings Are Rad

My Better Half has finally finished his exams, and I'm hoping to steal him away for some proper celebrating sometime soon. We'll start tomorrow by seeing the Golden Compass with his little brother and my little sister. I loved the book, and I hope the movie doesn't completely blow. I had high hopes for the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie, but found it was so super Disney that I was actually rolling my eyes throughout the battle scenes. Cheesy music should be banished from films that are otherwise promising and fabulous. I seem to be alone in that criticism though, so if you thought the battle scenes were wicked, and loved the soundtrack something fierce, I promise not to push the issue any further.

We're also going to have a wee "cooking lesson" with his brother, who has decided he would like to be a chef when he grows up. CUTE. I've taught him a couple of things about how to chop vegetables without slicing your fingers off, but there are many other useful tips I'd like to pass on.* So far he can only cook eggs, but he's really proud of that, which makes it even cuter. My little sister is not so little, but I think she would be happy to knit with me while the boys are in the kitchen. You know, because I am such a strong knitter that my fountain of knowledge needs to be passed on to some unfortunate soul. Hell, my sister will probably walk out of there with a big woolen knot and a glass of vodka in her hand.

*For example: Do not start cooking something on the stove, and then leave for class. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago when I smelled burning upstairs, and ran down to a stovetop aflame. I love my housemates, but good lord people! It's only funny the first time.

The Feet, The Food

Long story short, the feet are numb again. But don't fret, because even over cyberspace, I can see your look of concern. It's all a bit confusing. Because I walk a lot, and because my feet are a little fucked (technical term), a big ol' muscle over my shins is tightening up like a rock. So even if my Awesome Chiropractor manages to stretch my feet out so that the damaged nerve can relax, my muscles will eventually get too tight and put pressure on the nerve again. Solution? Try to walk with shorter strides, giving that muscle a break, and get shins massaged regularly. Also, find a new family doctor, because I've decided that my current doc is (sorry to be cruel) a fucking idiot.

My latest allergy test results came back, and I met with my nutritionist. It was a much rosier picture than I expected. Instead of 100 sensitivities, I have about four. FOUR. A smaller number than before, obvs. And I can manage these things. Some results were surprising. My highest sensitivities are sugar and almonds! Sugar, not a shock, but it's a lot higher than I expected. And almonds? I eat them every day at breakfast. Huh. Could that explain the swollen eye look I'm sporting? At any rate, dude explained it all in detail, and proceeded to recommend $170 worth of supplements per month for me to take. At which point I explained, in detail, my album debt, my partner who has gone back to school, and my dream of buying a bulldog. I can't afford that, I said. So I walked out with a small amount of supplements, most of which I wanted to take anyway, and we'll see what happens.

This Was A Long Post, Andrea

Yes, yes it was. Rock and roll.


zoom said...

I like it when you write a long excellent post. The short excellent posts just leave me wanting more.

Andrea SK said...

Aw, shucks. I blush!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, do let me know how "The Golden Compass" is. I'm looking forward to seeing it, whenever it comes out in Japan. And though I don't have as much life-long love and energy invested in it as I did for Lord of the Rings, I'm still a bit scared...

M-A said...

Wait, that last one was me. I am not Anonymous-san!