Friday, December 28, 2007

The One About Life Goals

Lately I have found myself scribbling down my Life Goals like a madwoman.

I'm prone to doing that anyway, because I'm dorky and I love making lists, even if they're lofty... But these days, it seems like I am pulling out my notebook every five minutes with something new to write down.


Mostly because I'm a little freaked out that if I can't make music happen for me, I'll be working a desk job until I retire, without accomplishing anything I've been longing to do (Nothing wrong with a desk job, BTW. I'm just wondering about that whole "'till you're 65" thing). In a way, I feel silly worrying about this. I have a good job. This job will give me a pension. I do my job well. Many people don't have these luxuries.

But. But. But.

You only live once, and frankly, if I didn't work my ass off to meet my goals, I would be one unhappy gal. I see it happen all the time - people get stuck, either because money is tight, or because it's easier to stay put than to jump in feet first. But time passes too quickly, and damnit, I've got stuff to do. So! I'm making lists, mapping out possibilities, wishes, determined plans. I don't expect them to stay the same as the years go on, but I want to keep track.

Have any of you made big life changes? Or do you dream about it? Fantastic failure, or smart move?

I'll start small for now. Skeleton keys. Gigs. Health. Moving up from there.


stegan said...

I freaked out about turning thirty shortly after turning 29, and made a list of goals I needed to accomplish before the next birthday. There were some lofty ones, to be sure, but I threw "buy a new couch" on there for good measure. Most of those things went undone though (although I did eventually get a new couch).

Then, three years later I uprooted and moved 700 miles west. So really, you never know when the changes will come, no matter how many lists you make.

I'm sure there's a point to that, I'm just not sure...

Anonymous said...

“Leap, and the net will appear.” ~ John Burroughs

And it has, every time I have.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of that, too... For now, I'm not looking past next summer, because who knows where I'll want to be after that? This whole past year has been me quietly putting myself back together, resting before taking a new plunge into something different.

M-A said...

Gah, why does this keep thinking I'm Anonymous-san???

That was me, above.


La Canadienne said...

I have this stupid dream about living in Paris for a year. Never gonna happen, but wouldn't it be wonderful?

Andrea SK said...

Stegan: Uprooting yourself 700 miles WOULD be quite a change! Point taken. I'm glad you got that new couch though.

S: Excellent quote. It's just what I need.

M-A: I'm sure it will all come together. Besides, the more adventuring you do, the more cool places I get to see when I come visit you!

Canadienne: There is NOTHING stupid about wanting to live in Paris for a year. I would also like to live in France at some point, but the boy has to learn French first.

Evey aka Canadienne said...

I say we make a break for Paris and drag him along. He will have to learn eventually lol.

Andrea SK said...

Evey... I vote YES. Will commence boy dragging.

Amanda said...

yes i 36 i changed my entire life. that was 8 years ago. i am very happy and so glad i took the brave step. it was scary but worth it. it took me a long long time to do it though. life is short. live juicy, as SARK would say.

chirs said...

I've learned that you can make a million and one plans and life will still surprise you -- pleasantly, most of the time and then you'll be glad your plans didn't work out quite the way you had envisioned them, because everything has turned out much, much better

Andrea SK said...

Amanda: Living juicy sounds too good to turn down.

Chirs: Is this another way of saying "live juicy"? Because I can do that.