Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Very. Exciting. News.

My song Silvering will be played on Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe this weekend!!!!

The show runs nationally on Saturday at 10am (Radio Two), Sunday at noon (Radio One) and Tuesday at 11pm (Radio One). I am so excited about this, so, so, so excited, I can't even believe it.

CBC, you rock my world.

And a second, more bizarre, but equally as exciting bit of news... I received an e-mail today from a friend who is in the US campaigning with Barack Obama. He wrote me a one-sentence note to tell me that Barack's wife likes my album.

Ummm, CRAZY.

How does this stuff even happen? I just got back from signing my loan papers to pay off my album debt. The world is a funny place.

I am too excited to sleep. Time for some chocolate soy ice cream and some crime TV. Woot!


XUP said...

Very, very cool!! Ooops, sorry -- are us regular folk still allowed to address you directly?? You're on your way; and why not -- you're very talented. Now you need some kick-ass PR people...

Tiana said...

Very exciting! I will try to listen to it but my memory is poop. BUT I will be driving on Sunday and I listen to Radio one in teh car so it might just work out.

Aggie said...

Big congratulations, Andrea!

Laura said...

How exciting --- way cool!!!!

La Canadienne said...

Awesome! I always put CBC on during Vinyl Cafe on Sundays when I work at the store by myself. I will be excited to hear it. I'll turn it on extra loud for your song.

Jessica said...

Andrea SK and The Vinyl Cafe together!? That's two of my favourite things all wrapped up into one!

Andrea SK said...

Aw, you guys are sweet.

I finished almost an entire container of chocolate soy ice cream last night. For reals.

Jo Stockton said...


I'm only surprised it hasn't happened sooner!