Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tagged by Laura... I love this meme! You get to make an album cover, complete with a title and a band name.

Band name: Light Fantastic
Album Name: We Think We Don't
Picture from: Arekev

Check out Laura's fabulous blog and give this meme a try. I'll warn you though, you will be surfing through Flickr for hours, drooling over all those great pictures...


La Canadienne said...

I love your Album cover picture! There are so many talented people on flickr.

Laura said...

Very cool...thanks for playing along, and you are right...I was clicking thorugh lots of photos...what voyeurs we are!!!!

Hope all is well.

I cannot beleive that I go back to work in 20 days!!! EEEKKKKKKK!

I am going to miss the old gang at the media centre...I am off on my own in Blackburn.

Oh --- I need tufu recipes!!! I bought a package at costco - you know, the size that could feed a large army! And myhusband is sick of tufu stir fry and would not even try the cookies I made!!! I need help!!! thanks in advance!


XUP said...

Laura: If it's firm tofu you can grate it and fry it with a few onions, peppers, mushrooms, salt & pepper and make a tofu scramble for breakfast. And if you have scramble left over, when it's cold mix it with some mayo and have it on a sandwich or use it to dip veggies. If it's not the firm kind cut it into serving sized chunks and put it in the freezer. When you thaw it, squeeze out all the water and you have a whole new texture - chewy - which you can then sautee with some herbs (sage & rosemary) and make fajitas or add to a veggie wrap.

Laura said...

mmmmmm yummmy ideas - thank you XUP!

Andrea SK said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

The breakfast scramble is amazing, and I like to soak the crumbled tofu in soup stock first, then drain it, then fry it. It adds loads of flavour to the scramble!