Monday, February 04, 2008

$20 Doily

It's shaping up to be a very busy week, so my posts might be shorter than usual. Apologies!

The craft room is slowly coming together, and my little sewing machine is out on display as though I actually know how to use it. Funny, that. I have a real filing cabinet now too, instead of those plastic boxy things you can get at Staples when you can't afford a proper filing cabinet. Thank goodness for in-laws and their magical garages. As though the filing cabinet wasn't enough, we've got a dining set, dishes, appliances, a fridge and a hutch when we need one. That is some garage, let me tell you.

I burned my index finger on the stove, but otherwise I've had a pleasant evening doing nada. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new pickup for my banjo, which is mildly depressing, but it will be worthwhile if the sound improves. And I feel oddly giddy when I think about the huge garbage bag full of stuff I donated over the weekend. Not only will someone else enjoy what I no longer use, but I also won't trip over the popcorn maker again! Or the humidifier! Or the gigantic silver bike helmet I bought at Canadian Tire! (Honestly, that thing was so big people would check themselves out when I pedaled by. It was like strapping a full-length mirror to my head. Safety first, kids.)

I know I mentioned this in the comments, but has anyone else noticed how goddamn expensive Value Village has gotten? I feel like circulating an open letter. It would read:

"Dear Value Village:

I'm onto you. I know you are selling used goods for the same amount of money it would cost to buy that shit new. YOU AREN'T FOOLING ME, JERKS. I will not pay $20 for a DOILY.



A. & J. said...

OMG! I feel the same way!
The Value Village in the east end has insane prices. $200 for a dining room table. A. is pretty good with telling it is was good hardwood and it wasn't and it was chipped!

And don't get me started on knitting needles. Even though they are asking you to spend $1.99 on a pair of knitting needles, Value Village doesn't even take the time to double check that they are the same pair. So you go to the cash and then realize that they are two different sizes. One is a size 4 and one is a size 8. Agh!

The Value Village in North York (near toronto) is much better. I got a bag of 10+ knitting needles for $2.99. Now that's more like it :)

XUP said...

I don't get their prices system at all. Some things are insanely overpriced and other times you can find a splendid deal... if you hunt. I think it's because the whole thrift store shopping thing is getting to be cool, so they're all about cashing in on the trend. So, where do you go for a real bargain these days? This is the important question.

La Canadienne said...

You should be more careful with your fingers hon! It seems like every week you've done something else to your hand. And you're a musician! Silly.

Andrea SK said...

A&J: Painful! What are they thinking?

XUP: I've always had good luck with the St. Vincent de Paul near Hintonburg... But it's a whole lot harder to get to.

L.C.: I know... I'm a total klutz! But the redness has gone down, so now I can go right back to forgetting that ovens are HOT.

A. & J. said...

hey andrea!

I just saw this on Etsy and thought of you. Enjoy!

Andrea SK said...

Ack! I love it!