Friday, February 29, 2008

Death at a Funeral

Ah, the week from hell is drawing to a close. Thank goodness. And things are already looking up.

Last night, my Better Half and I had dinner with our good friends, and watched a movie that make me cackle with delight. The dinner itself was insanely good... crust-free quiche, a huge salad, and lactose-free vanilla ice cream with poached organic pears and maple syrup. Fucking drool worthy, and I had to be rolled out of there. But the movie! It's called Death at a Funeral, and if you enjoy quirky British comedies, you should DROP EVERYTHING and go rent it. Or, if you don't enjoy British comedies but you have a weakness for hallucinogenic drugs, nudity or gay love affairs (I see you raising your hand...), you'll still be entertained.

This weekend won't be calm, but it will be good. My dad is producing a play at the GCTC, and my BH and I are taking the in-laws to see it. My friends The Gruff are playing at Irene's tonight, and I'm heading down to cheer them on. There's also a trip to the licensing office, helping a friend move, and *hopefully* some Ethiopian food in the works. Damn. So much for catching up on sleep.

I am feeling very envious of Megan's adventures in Portland. I've sometimes wondered how I would fare living in the US, and I've come to the conclusion that there are a few key spots that could drag me away for a year or two. Portland, Oregon, is one such place. Luckily, when my BH finishes school, he will have quite the choice for places to work. We've talked a couple of times about picking a fun city to live, and diving right in. Who knows if we'll do it, but it sure sounds tempting right now. Until then, I'll focus on booking some shows in Toronto and Montreal. Gotta start somewhere.

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stegan said...

I visited Portland for the first time a couple of years ago for a conference. It's one of the rare cities where I felt instantly comfortable walking down the street. Part of it was already having some friends there (which I highly recommend, wherever you move), but it's also just such an easy place to be.