Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grammar Hangover

I nudge my Better Half to say goodbye before I leave for work.

Me: Bye honey, I'm heading out.

My BH opens his eyes sleepily.

"Mysterious curtains?" he asks.

It occurs to me that he is not particularly awake.

"Yes, they are mysterious," I confirm.

This seems to be the right answer, because he puts on a happy grin, and immediately begins to snore.

When I recount this story to him later, he is incredulous. "Perhaps I meant to say 'suspicious towels' " he offers. "I was having a dream about those."

I think for a minute. "I don't see how that makes it any less hilarious."

Just another day in the life, folks.

We had our second rehearsal tonight for the big CBC show. I am bringing Jeff and Brian with me, because although I don't want a big band, I also don't want to be all alone up there when I have a panic attack and keel over.

The songs sound so, so nice with those boys playing on them. And it's a bit of an odd experience, because the rehearsals have been so relaxed and low-key that I've been able to listen to my own lyrics a lot more.

When I write a song about something that happened to me, I re-live it a bit every time I sing it. That's why those sad songs can be especially sad, and those upbeat songs can feel so good. Sometimes it's better for my poor brain if the content is made up, which I'm doing more and more of lately. But I have one song I wrote about my best friend when he moved a zillion miles away that makes my heart ache a little each time we run through it. These past two rehearsals, having those boys singing harmony on my friend's song, I feel like I'm talking right to him. And he sure as fuck doesn't read this blog, so I can be as sappy as I want about it. Hear that darlin'? It's time for you to move home.


So now rehearsal's done, and I'm avoiding the dishes by eating cold french fries dipped in tomato sauce. Revolting, right? But here I am, chomping down on them like they were delicacies. It's amazing what I do when I'm too tired to clean. You'd think that sleepy blogging would be comparable to blogging drunk, and should therefore be avoided, but I've done both and will probably do them both again.

The grammar hangover the next morning is awful.

Hope y'all have a good night. My tummy hurts. Effing fries.


Laura said...

Good luck with the show...I am sure it will be great!

I love your sleepy-talk stories - but in our household, it is me or my middle guy who does the strange sleepy-talk. One year I told my hubby all his Christmas gifts and where they were hidden since in my dream I was trying to find a better spot!


XUP said...

Sometimes one of your songs make other people feel heart-achey, too. And one almost always makes some other people feel goosebumpy. And some make some people smile. How's that for sappy? But it's true, so what can you do?

Andrea... said...

Laura: For real? Oh man, that's almost as good as 'suspicious towels.'

XUP: Aw, you little pumpkin muffin pie. I can out-sap the best of them! I'm glad you enjoy.