Thursday, March 20, 2008

All Of The Above

I have been completely sucked in to Joel Plaskett's Ashtray Rock album. And I nearly peed myself when I saw that he, like me, will be playing Westfest this summer.* Woot!

I love it when people sing about long winters and shitty weather. It makes me feel like I'm part of an exclusive, we-just-got-snowed-in club. That theme is also what charmed me about Jim Bryson's latest album. I remember being up to my knees in snow, standing at a bus stop, listening to Jim singing about how this weather takes the fun out of being alive... And I thought, "Yes dude, it does. It really does. I am NOT having fun right now. I feel your pain."

But on a lighter note, it smells like spring today. It's worth going outside and getting your feet wet just to take a few deep breaths. I probably won't be so thrilled when my basement starts flooding, but I'm enjoying the melt right now. Melt away, winter!

Thanks to everyone who wrote (or called, Evey!) to say you heard my music on the radio this morning. I was making oatmeal and TOTALLY missed the moment. But I'm still really excited. The show this weekend should be lovely, and not only is it Easter, but it's also Purim. Ah, the benefits of being half Jewish. It's really the way to go.

It's funny, but after years of working in retail, I'm still not used to the idea of getting long weekends off. This time, I get two whole days extra. What does a gal do with two days off? Clean? Go to concerts? Have a nice dinner with my sweetheart? Sleep?


*Oh, creepy... I clicked on that link, and saw my own face staring back at me. Actually, that's pretty cool. I just wasn't prepared.


Milan ( said...

Westfest looks great. It's a shame I didn't hear about it last summer. This time, I will be sure not to miss it.

La Canadienne said...

You call me up, and we drink tea. Then you come jam on the banjo with my dad and my cousin who is in town this weekend (no really, if you have time, please do it.) Tea is mandatory.

Jo Stockton said...

Me too! Me too! My face is on that site too! Though buried in the "literature" section. We'll be westfesting together this June. Look at us! We are awesome!


Andrea... said...

Milan: It's a great festival... And it's free!


Jo: I saw your face! Tres excitant. We are going to rock the fest. What day are you reading?