Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm feeling a little off tonight. Actually, I'm sitting on my couch with a CBC mug full of wine. I'm feeling a lot off. Oh well. The day is almost done.

I tried my first recipe from the Seasonal Ontario Food site tonight. I had a couple of butternut squash (squashes? squeesh? that sounds funny), so I made the roasted butternut squash and shallots dish. It was damn good. I'll be using that one again. I just love how she uses sucanat and non-wheat flours in everything! A woman after my own heart.

I can't bring myself to tell my drum teacher that I haven't been practicing. Luckily I'm a quick study, and so far he suspects nothing. But seriously... I can't go buy a snare (or a full kit) when I'm planning to move out of a house and into an apartment. My neighbours would hunt me down and kill me.

I had a fleeting, lovely, dreamy thought today in the bathroom (it's where I do all my deep thinking, obvs). I imagined myself being employed only by my music, and still being able to pay all my bills. Then I got sad, because that doesn't happen very often, and I know it. Being a realist can hurt sometimes.

My CBC mug is empty.

I'm getting excited to play Montreal. Even though I know that traveling to other cities inspires me to write songs, I don't get around to it very often. I really should. Being alone in a big city fills my brain up with all sorts of great stories. Then I come home to my sweetheart and my CBC mug full of wine, and I have a new album under my belt.


Laura said...

I am going to try that recipe this weekend...I love the site too - thanks for sharing!

Tiana said...

Have you considered getting an electronic kit to practice on? I have no idea how much they are since I have no issue being noisy but you can wear headphones with the electronic kit so only you can hear it.

You can probably find a used one on kijiji or usedottawa.com

XUP said...

So, is it the mug that's from CBC or the wine? Or both? (perish the thought). You'd think they could at least provide you with a nice crystal wine goblet.

Andrea... said...

Laura: It's a great recipe... Enjoy!

Tiana: I've been checking them out online. That would probably be the best option for me, but I guess I'll have to wait until I know how big (or small) our next place is going to be.

XUP: The mug is from CBC... The wine is from dinner the other night. The mug isn't crystal, but it is see-through. That's close, right?